Sahneh Productions - Passionate story-tellers that believe in your content.

Sahneh was established in 1994 by a team of young entrepreneurs and creative visual artists.

For over two decades, Sahneh has serviced its Entertainment and Corporate clients with experienced professionals and state of the art production equipment and technology.

Sahneh has helped clients build their reputation of staying on schedule and on budget.

Cameraman & Crew Hire:

Video production coordination is essential in accommodating traveling crews. If you are planning a California Video Production, our resources will provide the missing links for your next video or film. From Directors of photography, assistant camera operators, sound recordist and gaffers.

Post Production Services:

Post production is offered as its own service to accommodate the wide variety of visual effects driven story telling. Sahneh stays ahead of the latest software, techniques, and post workflow trends to provide stunning results on your next video or film.

We specialize in Video Editing, Color Correction, Sound Design, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and Animation

Video Production Services:

Sahneh's producers will work with you from pre-production to post-production. From establishing an outline to writing a creative story structure, scheduling cast and crew, monitoring production status, and post production process.

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